The Supreme Court Advocacy Network

This is the third (and likely last for a while) in a series of legal network posts. The first explored legal academic co-authoring relationships. The second mapped the law prof twitter network. Below you’ll find a network representing the advocacy relationships between lawyers who have argued cases at the Supreme Court. For some years now,… Continue reading The Supreme Court Advocacy Network

The Law Prof Twitter Network

Following recent discussions about the importance of blogging/tweeting to contemporary academia (see: LSE via TaxProf), and Bridget Crawford’s Law Prof Twitter Census (version 3.0) over at TheFacultyLounge, I thought I’d do some number crunching and network building. I wrote a short script to read all of the law prof twitter handles included in the census and… Continue reading The Law Prof Twitter Network

Top coauthors in legal academia.

The role that collaboration plays in creativity and the production of knowledge is an major focus of my recent research. As such, I’m generally interested in patterns of collaboration. Having mostly wrapped up the fall submission season and participated in selecting the last articles that I will help select for the Northwestern University Law Review, I found myself wondering about patterns… Continue reading Top coauthors in legal academia.