The #CongreSSH2016 twitter-sphere

I’m currently at the airport, waiting to board my flight back from the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Calgary. Congress is a sort of super-conference where over 70 scholarly associations simultaneously hold their annual conventions. For those who aren’t Canadian academics, the concept might seem a bit foreign, but it works well in practice.… Continue reading The #CongreSSH2016 twitter-sphere

Judicial Gobbledygook.

Justice SMOG Distributions

I published a short essay in the Yale Law Journal forum recently: I thought I’d slightly supplement the content available there by posting the interactive charts here: Here’s an overall plot of mean SMOG since 1946:     A plot of the mean intra-judge z-score by years of tenure: Each judge’s yearly intra-judge SMOG… Continue reading Judicial Gobbledygook.