Installing Statnet while using Linux

I try to use Linux for much of my real work. I find it useful to have a clean install with nothing but a good Python environment and a well-equipped version of R. However, I’ve had trouble getting the full suite of Statnet packages to install.

Despite various attempts to install the packages, I’ve always been confronted with a few “non-zero exit statuses.” After an hour or so of googling, I initially gave up and fell back on using R via Windows when I wanted to play with Statnet. Today, I’m at an ergm workshop and decided to monkey around some more trying to get the install to work. My google-fu eventually paid off and I figured I’d document it in the case that others with similar problems might also discover the solution.

If you too have been having trouble installing statnet dependencies (including RGL) on linux try running the following commands (in terminal as root):

apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev
apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev

This should install the required headers and hopefully clear up your install problems.


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  1. Feel free to send questions my way if you run into trouble again. I’ve been screwing with Linux dependancies for a long time now.

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